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Developed by a hunter for hunters. The 4DeadHold was designed to be an all-in-one hunting stick for all 4 positions. With the aid of the 4DeadHold, you completely take the pressure off your body because of the 4 legs and 2 rest points front and back, and improve the overall accuracy for optimal shot placement. Unlike other hunting sticks, you can also now aim from a seated and prone position! Suitable for any length person up to 2 meters, adjustable height 77cm to 177cm, weighing only 1 kg.


The most stable, lightweight and versatile hunting stick in the world, fully adjustable without the need to disassemble, making it the no.1 choice for all shooting positions.

  • Standing Position
  • Kneeling Position
  • Sitting Position

4DeadHold Hunting stick

SKU: 4DeadholdBlack
R2 595,00Price
VAT Included
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    • Adjustable height: 77cm - 177cm
    • Weight: 1kg
    • Positions: Standing, Kneeling and Sitting
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