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SA Series Tripod (Camo)
The Leofoto SA series tripods represent the cutting edge of tripod design for rifle sports and optics mounting. An uncomplicated apex design keeps folded size compact, while offering massive leg sizes for the best possible stability and heavy load support. It includes the brand new MA-30L dual format anvil-style lever release head, which accepts both arca and picatinny rails.


Our camo tripods are not just about aesthetics - it serves a much more important role that is not so obvious. The carbon fiber tubes are wrapped in an ultra-hard protective vinyl, which offers a layer of protection between the elements and your tripod. Most of the tripods going into the shooting community end up on farms and game reserves, where they are carried through the veld and transported on the back of a bakkie. This is a tough life and we want to make sure our tripods last as long as possible when put to real use doing hard work. The camo wrap goes a long way to ensuring years of hard use before the elements start wearing away at the epoxy on the carbon tubes.


For the camo lovers, there is also the added bonus of the aesthetic.

Leofoto Camouflage SA-324C + MA-30L Rifle Sports Tripod Kit

R12 000,00Price
VAT Included
    • Max. height: 1550mm
    • Min. height: 125mm
    • Folded length: 590mm
    • Leg Sections: 4
    • Max load: 15kg
    • Weight: 1.67kg
    • Tubes: 32/28/25/22mm
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