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This massive magic arm was developed on our request as a dedicated Kestrel mount for target
shooting. The optimal and simplest spotting setup is mounting your scope/binos in the
main tripod head and the kestrel mounted on the side via a magic arm.
The AM-7 has a total length of 600mm (in straight position), which allows the kestrel to be
mounted well above even the largest spotting scopes. This is so that the spotting scope does
not interfere with the wind reading.
If mounting the kestrel in the rotating vane, it is critical that the vane is mounted perfectly level
to allow for easy and accurate rotation with wind direction. This level attaches to the tip of the
arm and a 1/4” spigot provides a mounting point for the Kestrel vane.

Leofoto Kestrel Mount Kit

R2 499,00Price
VAT Included
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