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CASE GLIDE is a natural lubricant spray-on application designed for optimal coverage of brass casings during the re-sizing process.


The dual-purpose natural lubricant will not only service your re-sizing needs but will also attend to re-sizing tools and equipment to make the glide effortlessly. 


VELDT has taken great care to source only the best ingredients to go into this formulation to ensure a non-sticky, non-caking, and all-natural product free from petroleum-based products.

Veldt Case Glide - Sizing Lubricant

VAT Included
    • CASE GLIDE is a dry film application that will not impact primers or powders.
    • This product is ideal for reloading large volumes of ammunition at a time.
    • The formulation requires the user to use this sparingly as the coating technology used will optimize the coating ability on the brass surfaces.
    • This product is designed to optimize your re-sizing experience and aim to improve your process.
    • Do not use this spray on scopes, firearm mechanisms, and optical equipment.
    • This product is exclusively designed for VELDT reloading/brass re-sizing range and needs to be used for its intended purpose only.

    This product is not intended for lubrication use on wood, varnishes, coatings, plastic, and polymers.

    Safe to use with stainless steel, plastic casing trays, and or containers.

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