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CO-G oil is a multipurpose versatile eco-friendly oil suited for industry, agriculture, household, gardening, vehicles, fishing, hunting, and shooting, and hobbyists.

The careful selection of chemicals makes CO-G oil environmentally friendly and safe to use on knives and other equipment. This oil can be used for honing and cutting and will not harden or gum after application.


Co-G oil is the perfect oil to keep by your side. Clean, safe, and can be applied to a multitude of applications. This is a stock, lock, and barrel oil and will be safe to use on many wood, polymer, and metal surfaces.

Veldt CO G (Multi Purpose Oil)

VAT Included

    • Lubricates just about anything.
    • Has a multitude of uses for gun owners, hunters, fishermen, and any people who enjoy the outdoors including your mother-in-law.
    • An intense waterproof formula will protect any part it is applied.
    • Prevents rust and corrosion and will even help to sharpen that old knife.
    • This oil contains no harmful additives and is completely safe to use on knives.
    • New ultra-thin film formulation allows the oil to creep into the toughest of places.
    • Specially formulated for fast cycling parts on firearms and other hard-working surfaces.
    • Test on surfaces before use.
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