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The WARRIOR GEN 7 is our latest and greatest tactical rifle chassis for competition shooters in the increasing popular 22LR competitions.


Cerakote included (H Series Colours) or choose from the available Cerakote Paterns.

Warrior Gen7 22LR Rifle Chassis

PriceFrom R14 500,00
VAT Included
    • THUMB shelf: The extended thumb shelf aids in shooter comfort and translates to less torquing of the rifle. Customisable in different colours to give your chassis that personal touch.
    • M-LOCK slots: M-LOK is a standardised system that allows for direct accessory attachment onto the slots. This enables the user to have a slimmer, lighter, smoother and forend with accessories mounted only where needed. Mount weight, or additional picatinny rails according to your needs.
    • BAG RIDER: The completely redesigned bag rider allows for more precise and gradual vertical adjustments when using a rear squeeze bag helping you get on target and stay on target.


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